Our Approach & Process

Being Chartered and Registered Occupational Psychologists, we have a solid grounding in psychology at work and benefit from a professional training that equips us to make a real and sustained difference to people and organisations. We adhere to The British Psychological Society’s Code of Ethics and Conduct www.bps.org.uk and are regulated by the Health Professions Council and their standards www.hpc-uk.org.

We seek a balance of respecting and challenging. So underpinning all our engagements is a strong desire to work with existing processes where it makes sense to do so, while being prepared to challenge the status quo when necessary.

We take a systemic and developmental approach to our assignments, attending to associated change processes – even when we are not officially engaged for our change management expertise. This ensures the people and organisations we serve get the benefits they expect from their, and our, good ideas.

Whatever the scope of our involvement, we operate with the same four-phase cycle of Research, Design, Delivery and Evaluation…

* (1) Research – grounded in long-established and emerging research methods, from data gathering to analysis and reporting

* (2) Design – combining our psychological expertise with organisational know-how to produce elegant solutions

* (3) Delivery – bringing our passion, commitment and emotional intelligence together to deliver what’s required, according to given parameters

* (4) Evaluation – pragmatically applying our deep knowledge of research and evaluation methods in the context of real organisational life

Note: The quality of each phase contributes fundamentally to the success of the next. So, if you’ve carried out thorough Research internally and want us to come in at the Design phase, that’s fine. If we’ve been responsible for delivering a piece of work, we’ll seek always to Evaluate the quality and contribution we make.