360 Degree Feedback

How can it benefit your people and organisation?

Why choose our 360 tool?

Readily digestible reporting structure – our report is broken down into sections and we present the data in a range of formats to help people get to grips with both the detail and the ‘headlines’. We include a balance of qualitative and quantitative data. Clear guidance is given on how to interpret the results.

Easily tailored – we have an ‘off the shelf’ version or we can tailor the process to integrate with your organisation’s people or performance development cycle, for example by using your competency framework.

Branding – we can design the online questionnaire and the report to reflect your organisation’s branding.

Great value and quick to implement – with efficient administration and great behind-the-scenes support the process can be up and running quickly.

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What do we bring to the process?

We believe the greatest benefit is gained through making sense of and acting on the feedback received. The ways in which we can support you with this process include:

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