Success Stories

Here we give an idea of some of our successes to date…


Taking an integrated approach
Be sure to use what you learn about new employees during selection to support onboarding and successful transition. See Assessment for selection

Assessment with development in mind
Simulating roles using an assessment centre provides insight into what it takes to be successful, enabling people to make the right choices and target their development. See Assessment for development

Ensuring a ‘win-win’ solution
When designing any assessment process, it pays to be mindful of the far-reaching impacts on organisation and individuals alike. See Internal recruitment

Making light work of major change
Effective assessment centres are paramount when circumstances demand a major restructuring and a smooth transition. See Organisational restructure

Putting people at the heart of the process
Preparing people for the assessment process they would experience was key to the success of this restructure. See Organisational restructure 2


Transforming perceptions and performance
For key individuals, we can combine a development centre process with one-to-one coaching support. See Leadership coaching

Resolving internal conflicts
As Occupational Psychologists we know how to gauge and enhance the underlying team dynamics. This can avert a looming crisis and bring performance back on track. See Team coaching

Creating powerful dashboards
Accurate profiling has the capacity to impact a cross-section of business activities – providing new visibility of key skills, and new tools for effective decision-making. See Accurate profiling

Creating capability for inclusive service
We know how to address the root issues of understanding and engagement that can have a transformative impact on service. See Inclusive service